My GSoC Journey Begins

Hello! This summer started rather nicely for me as I was accepted into Google Summer of Code. The deadline to submit the proposals was 3rd April and results were declared on 4th May. I was anxiously waiting for the results during this whole period and the results made me super happy. I dreamt of this moment since last year. I will be working for InterMine organisation throughout the summer.


InterMine is an open source data warehouse built specifically for the integration and analysis of complex biological data. It is based out of University of Cambridge and was developed by the Micklem lab. Intermine currently uses PostgreSQL for storing the data which is a relational database.

My Project

In relational databases the data is stored in the form of tables. Now a days, Graph databases are gaining a lot of popularity. Graph databases store data in the form of nodes and relationships. InterMine needs to handle complex biological data and relations, so graph databases can be considered as a possible alternative to the current relational database. Neo4j is one such graph database which is Open Source, well documented and has a big community backing. The aim of my project is to prototype a RESTFul API querying Neo4j database.

Prototype a new RESTFul API querying Neo4j database

I’ll be mentored by Sam Hokin, Vivek Krishnakumar and Daniela Butano through the summer. I am excited to be a part of InterMine as a GSoC student. Looking forward to contributing to the project in best of my capacity.

Congratulations to all other GSoC students and wish you a great summer ahead.

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